Dallas Medianale 2019

Dallas VideoFest in Partnership with The Latino Cultural Center

Live Oak St is currently being worked on so go through the back way to get to the Latino Cultural Center.

Performances with Video Evenings:

This year we are featuring work from many Dallas Video Artists including Carolyn Sortor, Richard Bailey, Tim Best, Jeremy McKane, Colette Copeland, and Tamitha Curiel. We also have work from Video Fest favorites such as Jem Cohen, Eden Valdez, Kelly Sears, Wago Kreider, Van McElwee, Bill,, Brown, and Dianne Nerwen. There are videos from Israel, Australia, London, Japan, Thailand, and Switzerland.

The videos are being shown in blocks on Wednesday. The block times are doors open at 2 first block goes to-3:30, 4-5:30 , 6:30-7:45 and 8:30-10. Thursday, we have a block of short films from 4-5:30 and at 7:30 we have some great live performances from Mike Morris, Dean Terry, Dallas Ambient Movie Nights and Scott Stark who is traveling from San Francisco with his portable 35mm projector to show a performance that I’ve been hearing about for a while. This is NOT TO BE MISSED

Single-channel screenings, installations, and video performances curated by Bart Weiss will be held at the Latino Cultural Center on Wednesday, July 16 and Thursday, July 17.

A program of The Video Association of Dallas, Dallas Medianale, is a biennial exhibition of experimental film, video art, new media, intermedia performance, and installations. In 2011 the Video Association of Dallas (VAD) with curators Charles Dee Mitchell and Carolyn Sortor launched an event called The Program with screenings of numerous single-channel video compilations. The Program returned in 2013 to Conduit Gallery. In 2015, under the new name, Dallas Medianale, VAD with curators Mitchell and Danielle Avram, expanded the event into a two-month biennial with screenings, intermedia performances, and an exhibition at The MAC on McKinney Avenue.

 [The] Dallas Medianale presents something unique and welcomed to the area’s cultural mix. New media, video, experimental film, and other time-based visual art are generally underrepresented in our painting-heavy gallery scene … and this kind of art has never been a major focus or strength of local museum programming. Over the years, The Dallas Video Festival worked to fill the void, launching at the DMA in the 1980s as a platform for exhibiting some of these then-emerging forms.-Peter Simek, D Magazine, 2015.