The mission of the Dallas Medianale is to create a platform for moving image art in all its shapes and forms. The Dallas Medianale aims to provide a podium for introducing emerging artists and showcasing the latest in contemporary underground and experimental moving art from avant garde film, video installations, expanded cinema to computer art, intermedia performances and much more. Bringing new and existing audiences into contact with the latest developments within the innovative and ever-changing world of moving image art. The Dallas Medianale wants to be a meeting place for artist, audiences, curators, critics and academics. A place of discovery, discussion, innovation and reflection, bridging across practices that often unnecessarily fall into separate discourses and situate these contemporary practices into a historical framework.

Tara Marenda Nelson and Gordon Nelson -  End of Empire

Tara Marenda Nelson and Gordon Nelson - End of Empire

Who we are

Dallas Medianale was curated by Independent Curator, Charles Dee Mitchell:

"A chief pleasure of working with the Dallas Medianale (over the years) is the opportunity to reinvent the project with each incarnation. For Dallas Medianale 2019, I am keeping a focus on video but also incorporating work that explores both new media and examines the history of the technology that has evolved to make these exhibitions possible."

Barton Weiss is the artistic director of the Video Association Dallas and creative adviser to the Medianale. He is an award-winning independent film and video producer, director, editor, and educator who has lived in Dallas since 1981.

Raquel Chapa Managing Director of Video Association.  She is currently in her 9th year of programming a short film program for Association of American Indian Affairs. She was accepted into NALIP Latino Producers Academy in 2010 and to the PBS Production Lab in 2011. She is a media critic for Native Foodways magazine.


The mission of the Dallas VideoFest is to promote an understanding of video as a creative medium and cultural force in our society and to support and advance the work of Texas artists working in video and the electronic arts.  Dallas VideoFest is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated on April 25, 1989, under Video Association of Dallas.  It began in 1986 as a weekend event, “Video As A Creative Medium,” presented at the Dallas Museum of Art by independent curators, Barton Weiss and John Held.

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Charles Dee Mitchell

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Steven Shore and Barbara Pilo

Special thanks to Kelly Kitchens, Kyle Kondas, Alford Media, Benjamin Espino and the LCC staff

Micah Stansell -  The Water and The Blood

Micah Stansell - The Water and The Blood