July 17th, Block 1, doors open at 2-3:45pm

Dream Girl , TamItha Curiel, Dallas

Boy/Girl. Before/After. Dreams/Souvenirs. The score and voiceover for this piece is performed live

Mix Mix , Sally Cloninger, Washington

MIX-MIX (HALO-HALO) is a Filipino dessert, a memoir, a treatise on global feminism and misogyny, a coming out story and a metaphor for experimental filmmaking. Like the dessert, it is experimental, complicated, a bit disturbing, layered, not for everyone, but ultimately, refreshing. Shot in the Philippines over a period of three decades.

After Fall, Kelly Sears, Colorado

Bella Ciao, Jem Cohen, NY

“One fine morning I woke up early to find the fascist at my door,” sings Tom Waits in rough and mournful voice on “Bella Ciao (Goodbye Beautiful),” a song from guitarist Marc Ribot’s new album Goodbye Beautiful/Songs of Resistance 1942–2018. It’s not hard to see the modern parallel to this 19th-century Italian folk song, sung during World War II by members of the Italian resistance to protest fascist rule.

Transitions, Aurèle Ferrier Switzerland

TRANSITIONS is a journey from the civilizing void of the desert to a maximal urban, capitalistic and hedonistic density, which in the case of Las Vegas assumes some bizarre expression. The film is a contemplation without any people or moving machines in it, focussing on the built and designed.

IL19, Igal Stulbach  Israel

Video Art about Israel 2019

Abiodenesis, Jean-Patrick Nova, Dallas

Abiogenesis plays with the intersections of religion, science, and popular new age culture to create a new televisual mythology of the creation of life on earth. The film follows Brahma Ross through his various experiments in his psychedelic laboratory.