July 17th Block 3, 6:30-7:45 pm

An Anonymous Room w a Green TV, Jess Vincenza, Australia

No Wear No Body, Terrance Nance, Dallas Native

a film by Terence Nance and Naima Ramos-Chapman
produced by Briana Gonzalez
shot by Shawn Peters
music by Earl Sweatshirt
based on Some Rap Songs
starring Blue, Thebe, Mama, Dad, Sun

bless up to Gio Escobar

“Slideshow" (1997-2016), Carolyn Sortor, Dallas

An experiment in the effects of semi-rhythmic audio on our experience of time and the visual, in conjunction with photos shot over some 20 years evincing various interests including the potential for evocation of the autonomy of objects.

Silicon Landscape, Erica Molesworth,

San Fransisco"Silicon Landscapes" is a kind of walking tour or drone flyover of technology industry campuses in Silicon Valley, California. It compares the experience of being in and moving through a place with technologies of seeing and knowing. It incorporates found footage, text and images relating to the history, economics and politics of these tech landscapes, and concerns the way that these shape the landscaping and built environment, which then in turn reflect and shape the work taking place there. I am interested in the physical conditions of these tech-based workplaces since these companies have such an impact globally, but also because they are more often experienced only virtually, cleanly and remotely through their online products.

State of Rest and Motion, Edin Velez, NYC

XCTRY, Bill Brown, Chapel Hill, NC

Leaving one hometown and looking for the next one.

Cuban Queens, Warren Bass Melrose Park, PA

"Cuban Queens" is an experimental film that approaches hand-drawn animation as a structuralist and painterly art form. It rhythmically constructs, de-constructs and explores ninety-nine evolving images of Havana's street divas. The production is a collaboration by Warren Bass (direction, animation and music), Lowell Boston (additional animation), and artist Liz Goldberg (original graphics, sketched on the streets of Havana).