Monitor 1

Public Domain, Jason Britski, Canada

"Public Domain" is a found footage project made from public domain archival material that is an exploration, and a reaction to the turbulent times we find ourselves in.

Cosmos Obscura, Katherine Balsley, Irina Escalante Chernova, Atlanta

The Names of Trees, Jack Cochran, Pamela Falkenberg, Austin

mages of decay and regeneration photographed using a video camera whose sensor has been modified for infrared photography create a post apocalyptic, strangely beautiful, but disconnected world. A series of largely deserted rural and urban landscapes concretizes the bittersweet memories of a failed relationship that haunts the narrator in Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran’s film poem of Lucy English’s "The Names of Trees," for her Book of Hours project,

Khandroma, Mari Desconsi, Nina Perez, Brazil

KHANDROMA is a videoart that portrays through dance a woman's fight for her own space.

Ball in the Game, Orkhan Huseynov, Azerbaijan

The video depicts ordinary people performing football tricks. Аs passers-by accidentally getting the ball from children playing on the street, they instantly enter the game to show their best abilities. All these people, despite being from various regions of Azerbaijan and different professions, were united by love to football.

Monitor 2

Corcovado Building (Mirante), Rodrigo John, Brazil

From the heights of his apartment, a resident observes life in downtown Porto Alegre. Through the glasses of the windows, the narratives from outside and in mix together, echoing the precariousness of relationships. While a turn in Brazil's history defies the city's routine, ghostly voices make up a kaleidoscopic portrait of our time in a dystopic symphony.

Monitor 3

Indigo Rising, Shaun Wilson, Australia

Indigo Rising is the third instalment of five slow cinema feature films shot between 2006-2019 in Germany, England and Australia. After visiting the German medieval church of St Michael's in Schwabisch Hall, Australian director Shaun Wilson recreated 51 characters found in the displayed religious paintings into other places of historical note with actors, friends and other film makers playing out an idea of creating a 'memory' of each painting through video. There are no words spoken, only moving paintings and is meant to be experienced, not understood. This experimental, non-narrative film plays out the notions of slowness as a means of cinematic device by exploring the poetic links between memory, art and time.